Friday, March 30, 2012

☾ xiao wen ju ☽

a while ago i made a post about her here when she was new to ~the fashion realm~ and i am still so in love with her. Her cute, very girly face is just perfect for so many collections right now, but has definitely shown some versatility in her editorials ie so much potential (in my opinion anyway). She is probably best known right now for fronting the Marc Jacobs campaign as well as his unabashed favour to her (read campaign, walking LV, featuring in a photoshoot with him) and with this her career has been propelled forward even more so.

 backstage at Louis Vuitton S/S12 via stylebistro
 Ponystep #2
photographer: Ben Weller
Ponystep #2
photographer: Ben Weller

Ponystep #2
photographer: Ben Weller
(this one is so cute ah)

backstage with Liu Wen at Tony Burch SS12
via Bonae L'amour tumblr

Giles Pre-fall 2012

Giles Pre-fall 2012

Giles Pre-fall 2012


Marc by Marc Jacobs
Anna Sui (osadmoadaihd adorable)
 Vanessa Bruno
Vivienne Westwood

as it turns out she also has great street style (girl crush develops further)

via stefanofabbri

 via thenycstreets tumblr
via Bonae L'amour

let us all take a moment of silence in appreciation of the perfection of this image
SHC Magazine

she deserves a different post for her marc jacobs campaign (first chinese campaign girl!) and her vogue china and W magazine shoots!
i really cant get over her

this has pretty much been a image vomit of her

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