Friday, March 30, 2012


Although its nature is ever changing, the fashion world is only just starting to evolve.
In the past few years there have been countless site relaunches, and digital campaigns are 
starting to see the light of day.
It seems that companies are only just starting to cash in on these endeavours. 
Things such as social networking (ie the various PR Girl twitter accounts, as well as facebook pages), 
celebrity endorsements, tech savvy websites and digital campaigns are all ways luxury brands are proving their prominence within society.
However, who are the focus group of this media, in the age of internet? 
Who is most likely to be receptive to this advertisement?
Most importantly, is the target group able to afford their products?
Not everybody reads Vogue or I-D (both different audiences), but most people
do have access to social media. No matter what, the reason behind this is the image of the brand.
But i am curious to know, why does brand image matter to the masses?
Why does Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Dior etc, want me to be aware of their newest collection, 
or their latest ad campaign? Does this "cheapen" the brand, or is it a constant reminder
to the middle and lower classes what they can't have?

I guess what the brands are targeting here is not sale of their clothing lines (which they ruthlessly advertise) but the sale of their perfume, sunglasses, collaboration lines, underwear lines, jean brands, key chains and other cheaper items which have their name on it. These are more accessible to the middle and lower classes than anything they will present out on the catwalk, and generate quite a profit. People don't buy these cheaper items for a need, they buy them for the want of being associated with a coveted brand. Hence, prominence on social media will fuel these sales with the help of their target audiences.

OK the BBC have done a great documentary which you can view here
It is about the economics in fashion, and although it is dated i think still quite relevant.

I know these are all basic concepts but i'm educating myself about these topics more because i'm interested in it. Bare with me!

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