Wednesday, March 28, 2012

have you ever ran around an empty cinema

well i can say i have now
me and my 2 friends went in early and it was absolutely deserted so we went crazy
there is actually a ridiculous amount of space between the screen and the front rows 
we went and looked at the screen and actually TOUCHED it (it was this weird soft canvas stuff) and there are these little hidey holes on either side of it and it was just so cool
 the insole of my vans
 me in the mirror
 popcorn (my mouth is still dry from it)
 frozen sprite (sososososgood)
 sour blueberry lollie 
 the screeen
 my feet (did i mention we dominated a solid row [the best seats] not only in our row of seats but on the side bits as well!!!!)
 upclose of the movie screen
 you can sort of see people running around
stuff in the hidey holes

On another note i would give the Hunger Games a 7.3/10. I feel like there was so much left unexplained but i do understand it would be impossible to go into that much detail (as my friend was telling me EVERYTHING they missed out) and they foreshadowed SO MUCH. I guessed the whole plot of it within the first 10 minutes but whatever. I think i'll read the books. Just the whole concept of that society interests me and i love it when books do that whole ""oppressive"" society but it's kind of to save themselves from repression (that doesnt make sense but yeah)

ok well

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