Wednesday, March 28, 2012


im going to see the hunger games with my friends (yes i have some suprising isnt it)

 my faithful watch which i either wear constantly or not for 6 months and then find it in the pockets of my car. i am also wearing the dress that i wear when i have no idea what to wear.
my suede vans - they are so cool the insoles are leopard print and are limited edition or whatever so, well, i like how they are different to just normal black vans you know. i like wearing them with white socks because it makes them seem more schooley or whatever which i am STILL into


minnie mouse stickers stolen from my littler sister \m/


wow i am an embarrassment all the time

 yes anyway i hope it is a good movie i havent actually read the books but everyone insists (violently) that i should but i have so many other books i need to read including tallow (by karen brooks) and marie antoinette: the journey (by antonia fraser), and i just really havent had a chance to do it. i had a philosophy exam today and it wasnt that hard which was good (i made flash cards and studied that's a first [albeit studying in the period before the exam] i am learning yay)

yes well
i also have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so -.-

my bracelet my friends got me

my tiffany & co necklace my parents got me for my 16th yey

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