Saturday, November 5, 2011


shitty outfit post
this isn't the one that i wore the other weekend which i promised to post but still havent
yeah so
(printy dress thingo, cassette society jumper (with C's on it for caitlin!!!), opal necklace, bracelet from about 2002, weird black socks and won hundred hands)
i have exams this coming week and i am really supposed to be revising for maths so i dont fail but i have no motivation what so ever and i am doing this instead so that just shows how desperate i am,
I also got halfway through the Papal Chase which is a documentary about kenny hotz (from kenny vs spenny) and his friend bet him $1000 he couldnt meet the pope when he came to toronto a few years ago. yeah but i really need to study. I have also become addicted to - my username is caitlin so check me out on the forums talking about AusNTM. To be honest it is my replacement for thefashionspot because 
a) if they saw my blog the wouldn't invite me ever
b) no one gives out invite codes/i dont know anyone with invite codes
so i am restricted to stalking their forums only :((((

ok well yeah bye
xoxoxoox caitlin

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