Saturday, October 29, 2011

i am the puppeteer

hi i am alive
sorry i havent been posting at all i have had so much stuff going on
we had to do plays for drama and i am so happy we have finished that and suprisingly for once my group's was one of the successful ones

anyway here are so gpoys from my dad's 50th birthday with my cousin
i have an outfit post to do tomorrow so yeah
i'll do that then
mainly i have been procrastinating and watching kenny vs spenny
bein cute

havin fun

we r bohemian

woops didnt see th wbcam

we r cool

yes i do realise how bad these selfies are but we were bored ok and plus i love those sunglasses
i am also very aware about how awkward we are 
also side note: i found out that deep inside me i am a middle aged mother in regards to my dancing which i am suprisingly fine with. i pulling out moves such as the pointing fingers, the twist etc. i am sure i did my parents proud

yeah it's 1:30am and people still havent left so..
enjoy the captions

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