Saturday, September 10, 2011

where am i----

so it's 3 am and i couldnt sleep and with no sleep comes paranoia for me so i had to turn on the lights and do something otherwise i would have kept imagining a psychotic clown standing behind my bed.

so basically i have been on camp which was pretty cool
it was a crazy hiking one and i was in the hardest group i.e. 4 day hike
but i am really happy i did it and felt accomplished etc. whatever

came home
watched this contemporary dance thing in brisbane called 'with attitude' which basically left me in a room with my family and brisbane's elderly hipsters (literally)
but the sad thing was that some of them were dressed very nicely and i actually liked what they were wearing
the dancing was really cool (i am braindead ok)

i catched up on australia's next top model
ok dont judge me. australia's next top model is the best in the series because they actually seem to be choosing girls who dont just look like kmart catalogue models (no offence tyra banks)

of course i have my favourites and i am a big izzy supporter
here is some of her work pre-show from her deviantart

she arrived on the show with pink hair with a blue patch and they tried to dye it out but couldnt.
i would say she is definitely one of the front runners. she comes from around where i live and has amazing amazing style and clothes. just watching her in her outfits makes me want to go and raid her wardrobe.

some stuff from during the show and from her facebook

ok enough fangirling i must sleep now
i'll probably do another post in the morning to aid my procrastination

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