Saturday, September 17, 2011


sorry i have been posting zilch lately i have been so busy with school work
yesterday i finally developed my black and white film almost a year after i said i would.
before i say anything - i really need to buy a bottle opener
here's how it went
- blacked out my bathroom
- sat with scissors and a hammer in complete darkness trying to opening the fucking canister
- go shreds of canister metal in my hand
- got caught on the canister
- ripped my hand away
- no progress
- managed to open up the light protector bit
- cut cut cut
- still no progress
- try to find hammer
- remember it's pitch black
- it's fucking hot in the bathroom shit i should just put the light on
- sit there with these fucking scissors for literally 10 minutes in the fucking hot bathroom
- finally find the hammer
- lever the film canister open
- pull out the film
- spend YEARS trying to put it onto the reel
- fuck it up
- decide i dont care because hey atleast it's on and it won't fall off
- LIGHTS ON!!!!!
this is what i did to the canisters, in complete darkness and my barehands

see that red thing? it's a cut.. i think it is infected

and then the rest of it was pouring and mixing chemicals yadda yadda yadda inverting the tank, spilling chemicals on me, shit that wasnt supposed to go down the sink, oh well it was only a little bit, ouch got chemical in my cut hopefully i wont die

but yeah so i quickly scanned the negatives on my gr8 scanner and quickly 'inverted' them

the scanning bit didnt really go so well so i am just going to get them blown up at big w or something

i'll do an outfit post later today if i can be bothered
xoxoxoox caitlin

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