Wednesday, April 11, 2012

**comme des garcons**

i just felt that i needed to post something. i am such a sucker for comme des garcons campaigns, i have a folder on my computer with all of the ones i have found!  I just love the content they use, and while others have dubbed them a bit pretentious i still love it. Comme Des Garcons, right now, is clearly my favourite label - i mean did you see their fw collection (it was so beautiful i need to make another post dedicated to my love for that). I love the elephants (i mean who doesn't lets be realistic) and the fact that you wouldn't normally see this imagery used to promote a label (especially in the absence of a model riding one). The photo of the girls with the braces laughing - to me it just shows pure joy and innocence. These girls on the precipice of """womanhood""" (god i hate that) just seem so free. I love it.

On a more personal/random note,
It's really weird we had this cold snap (it was FREEZING) but now it is all warm and sunny again just as i had got out all of my blankets and doonas (i live such a hard life omg). Anyways i'll do a real post later with real content unlike this. I also still have a bunch of photos that i never posted from my holiday which are really funny (there were these statues/sculptures dear god i need to post them)
Anyway i hope you are having a great day (joy the only person who is reading this probably)


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