Saturday, October 1, 2011

pink pink pink pikn with bouncing soles

my shoe collection just expanded. my lovely grandma bought me these amazing fuchsia doc martens (much to my dismay) this week when i was with her in the city. there was a very awkward tussle at the counter when trying to pay for it - i was shoving my money in the lady's face, whilst my grandma was pushing her credit card. So in the end she won (however i did sneak $100 into her pocket which she was annoyed about but it was the LEAST i could do)

anyway there have been a lot of pink on my holidays.
my friend had a pink sweet sixteen which had the MOST AMAZING lolly buffet. She ordered in over 20kg of lollies as well as 2 slushie machines, 3 fondues (milk,dark and white) as well as macaroons (yum!!!). oh it was so so so good and i took heaps of lollies home and i think will be receiving a steady supply of them throughout the next few weeks as she attempts to get rid of them.

i basically spent the whole holidays with no internet (that's why there have been no posts) but i have been staying in brisbane with my relatives which has been really really nice. One day we went to goma
AND I BOUGHT MY YOSHITOMO NARA BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! here is a gpoy of me holding it in pride.

it was $75 but so so so worth it!!
there are so many little personal sketches by him and i just love looking at them.

but unfortunately
i have school tomorrow as well as exams this term.
AND i swear i cannot find one place on the gold coast which will enlarge black and white negatives!!!! (bloody big w scanners!!!!!)

anyway i must go before i start a perpetual rant about lack of traditional photographic suppliers in my area.
xoxoxoxoox caitlin

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  1. you look so cute! loooove a bit of narra :D
    intrigued by the eye camera that is too cool