Saturday, August 13, 2011


yay ***outfit*** post (we all know that my ""outfits"" suck but i feel obliged to post something)
i feel like i am in grade 7 again

the socks are my brothers old ones and i love them but my sister says they look stupid (??)
these are my old converse from grade 7 that i wore everywhere until i bought my doc martens and i have started wearing them again but they are a bit on the small side.
so i am wearing a ralph lauren polo shirt (stole it from my mum) and underneath that i am wearing this old summer dress i bought in grade 8 (the first dress i wore without my mum forcing me) and then obviously my shoes and socks. You probably cant see it but i did my hair in two buns kind of like sailor moon and i feel like i am about five, which is fine with me.

since last week my team has gotten into the debating grand finals (debating is great ok) which we were all really suprised and excited about because we thought we had come to lose

um anyway end boring rant, which i doubt anyone read anyway.
until next time xoxox caitlin

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