Saturday, August 6, 2011


what could this be??
well i am bored and procrastinating and waiting for my family and creepers to arrive so i got bored and took some pictures.

also, i would just like to say that the reason why i never make outfit posts is because my 'fashion' usually consists of shorts and some sort of shirt/jumper (usually jumper) and strange socks and old shoes
i always try to make something in my outfit different you know? but i just feel like if i post it people might think that i am 'fashionable' and i see other fashion blogs and their stuff is AMAZING and yes rant rant rant
please excuse the terrible pictures (and the weird bunny rabbit-esque pose)

this week i found a smiley necklace that one of my old bestfriends gave me and my scribbling book and this weird looking cat toy i sewed. 

i will probably upload some creeper pictures later unless i look like a total dip in them
xoxoxox caitlin

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