Wednesday, July 20, 2011

yoshitomo nara

(via here)

i really like his work. I was at the Gallery of Modern Arts and they had a photographic book of his and i thought i could just google it but it turns out they are quite rare - i really wish i got it!!!!
Although the drawings seem simplistic it's actually such a hard thing to master.
I went and saw the surrealism exhibit with some of my friends and we all attempted to draw our own pictures that made people feel uncomfortable.
we miserably failed, it turns out surrealism is a lot harder than it looks
(obviously we were very respectful in the gallery)

I really want to buy an old digital camera from the 90s/00s so i can just have something cheap to take photos with that will look crappy

yeah i think my fashion blog is more a lifestyle blog now oh well

ps it's 8:15 am i am meant to be at school woops


  1. damn right, my favourite!
    Hey how long ago did you order those shoes, ebay won't let me pay, something about the seller not being able to received funds..CRAPPY


  2. hey i'll reply here and on your blog incase you dont see it :)
    I ordered the shoes a while ago but my cousin and i pooled together to buy two pairs for ourselves. We did have some trouble at first - i think it may have been something similiar, but finally after we ordered it they arrived maybe a month or two later

    i havent gotten my pair from her yet because i havent seen her but she says they arent very good quality (but they are a lot cheaper!)