Monday, July 4, 2011


so today i just got back from my trip to Malaysia!
unfortunately we didnt really get the opportunity to shop much because we were mainly there for the wildlife but i still managed to get 1 pair of socks and a skirt from topshop.
To be honest topshop was a bit of a disappointment, although their clothes weren't bad, they were definitely not worth the price that they were asking for, even in rinngit (the malay currency)
i did look in Zara but i was really disappointed. The Zara that i went to in Europe around the same time last year was great and the clothes were pretty good, but the one in Kuala Lumpur was filled with...(for lack of a better discription) teacher clothes which was annoying.

But overall it was still a great holiday and i really enjoyed it! It was great seeing all the wildlife in their natural habitat in Borneo, but it also made me think a lot about habitat destruction, and the eventual destruction of the human race.

MY CREEPERS ARRIVED! Although they are not in my own mailbox, but they are there safe and sound and i can't wait to wear them with my socks (they are black with ice creams on it)

anyway i'll do some sort of real fashion related update tomorrow
x caitlin

did i mention i thought this girl in my hotel was Fei Fei Sun? i didn't go up and say anything because i knew it wouldn't be her, but from wear i was standing (i couldn't see her face) she had a similiar wide sort of face, very skinny and had black hair.

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