Saturday, June 4, 2011


hi guys i haven't posted for a while - i've been bogged down in schoolwork and stuff but it all should be over soon!
anyway i went to borders and bought some magazines
i bought dazed and confused and (oh lord) 'culture'
well, buying culture was a mistake. it is like a hairdressers magazine. I couldn't tell what was inside of it because it had plastic around it, but i'm really regretting it - i should have bought nylon instead.
oh well. I also watched Marie Antoinette, and i loved it. The soundtrack is so original rather than having orchestras in the background! I wish they showed more about her execution though, maybe not the actual thing but make it more obvious. Anyway here are so pictures that i found on the internet.
stills of Ksubi's Kolors Film found at

daul kim found on tumblr

fei fei sun (omg)

josephine skriver (not sure what show) but the shoes!

not sure what it's from but it was on my 'Dazed and Confused' tracked tag

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