Wednesday, May 18, 2011


how i wish i grew up in japan, going to harajuku park and what not
as soon as i leave school i'm definitely going to do a holiday there and eat heaps of food and shop all day
not even just the clothes, going to stores and buying kawaii stuff
here are some scans from Japanese street fashion magazine Fruits
all scans are from here

The Japanese have such great style and they can get away with anything! The tumblr that i got the scans from is great and i really recommend you following it.
Sorry for not posting at all this week i've had (and am still having) exams but all the important ones are over so i'm free! 
Also on a side note, i definitely need to get a big fluffy bag/jumper/tail to have for winter. I love that bag the girl has in the second last picture. Now it's time to trawl the internet for some like it.

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