Monday, April 4, 2011

some of my own clothes

well, not really mine.
more like stolen borrowed from my mother.
i raided her wardrobe ruthlessly in hope of finding something that is ok, but like most mother's wardrobes a lot of the stuff she doesn't wear anymore is outdated, and not in a cool vintage way.
More like a 'that will (hopefully) never come back into fashion' way.
But i managed to find some things that i could possibly be seen in public wearing.

Excuse the dodgey photobooth images, i will find a digital (working) camera one day!
A burnt red button up blouse
By Trent Nathan
another pinky-reddy sort of blouse (the picture doesn't really show you the colour well) by Perry Ellis
It is sleeveless and the collar is quite strange, i will have to take a picture another time to demonstrate.
A pink, sheer button up top by Siren Clothing
A blue button up denim-looking fabric shirt. Styled like a men's shirt. By Ada Grimaldi

Here are some pictures of myself wearing some of them.
How exciting an almost-outfit post (sarcasm)

Blouse: my mother's (shown above)
Jumper: my mother's but apparently it is Cutter & Buck (i think it is a golf jumper/sweater but i don't care)
Shorts: from the Universal Store - Elwood Jeans

goodnight for now - Caitlin

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