Saturday, April 16, 2011


so on friday night my Won Hundred Hand shoes came!
they actually arrived really fast which was great and they fit too!
so my friend came over and we went to the shops and my shoes made their debut
i got a lot of weird looks and people talking about me but that was fine because in a few months they will be wishing they had some (that sounds so up myself but stuff them honestly)
it was good, me and my friend eyed them off which was fun.
I am not too sure if i wore the right thing with them but ohwell, as guess as i wear them i'll find more and more things that look good with them.

Today i bought the second issue of Helmet which i just have to say is my FAVOURITE EVER MAGAZINE. it is perfect it has the perfect amount of mainstream and 'underground' fashion, models, short stories, interesting articles and art. I just love it and i am reading it right now!
I also bought some really cute pink socks with white bows on them and some black socks which was a huge mistake because they are such an awkward height.

So what i wore today was
- my 'Musk is Love' pink Jumper
- these black high waisted shorts
- purple frilly socks
- my Won Hundred shoes

all in all
i gr8 day

x caitlin
(i will post pictures when i can be bothered)


  1. Wow, what you wore sounds really lovely. I wish I could see it though!

    Xx Annie

  2. thankyou :) i'll post a picture tomorrow