Monday, April 4, 2011

rainy tuesday

today i stayed at home and watched The Chaser's War on Everything in my room.
i then got bored and decided to take some pictures on my parent's camera

now some pictures of the things that i like most in my wardrobe:

Minkpink Blouse

Vintage floral blazer - bought off the internet

Denim vest with floral embroidery - Target (hahah only $14)

Whitner Shoes with some random socks

and that is the end of a post summing up my not very exciting day. I am trying to create an outfit in which i can wear those socks and shoes without everything clashing!

have a good day x caitlin

1 comment:

  1. those shoes are adorable - you put them so well with the cute frilly socks!
    thanks for following me, dear.

    xxx m.