Monday, March 28, 2011


so this is the awkward first post for my blog
basically here is what happened:
my mum said that if i could create a fashion blog (no idea why, i think she thinks that i will become instantly famous) she would buy clothes for me.
so i consulted my followers and they said it was a pretty good investment.

anyway so now here i am.
my url is pretty cliche or whatever but i need to say this
a) i was into the whole 'frilly socks' thing since early 2010
b) i got my doc martens early 2010

so i am not some person who has one of those 'fashion tumblrs' (which really consist of blurry pictures of sluts mainly)
my tumblr is if you are interested at all

so in making this blog, in no way do i believe that i am some sort of fashionista~ because i am not.
i am doing this for clothes

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